Grinding My Gears at the Stadium

I'd like to share with all of my 10 or so readers what I really hate about baseball games and for that matter sports in general. It's been brewing for a long time and I thought I'd go along with what seems to be theme of this blog of things I can't stand. (Drum roll please)

1.) The Wave: I absolutely cannot stand for the Wave when I'm catching a baseball game. More importantly a Yankees game. All too often the wave will rear its ugly head around the 6th inning once we hit that two hour mark and fans start to get restless. You'll find the culprit in the upper corners of the field where large groups are sold tickets. For the most part, these people aren't real baseball fans or else they wouldn't be partaking in the wave. Its distracting, silly and face it people, it will always die in the bleachers because that's where the wave goes to die. Every time the wave is in my area I am sure to scowl at those around me and make snide remarks to demean them. If you're too bored at the stadium then leave. I'd rather have a stadium half full of real fans.

2.) Mascots: There are very few mascots I enjoy, in fact I don't think I really enjoy any mascot but there are a few I can tolerate. The Philadelphia Phanatic is one, the San Diego Chicken is two. (Mainly because of that commercial with peyton) Mascots belong in College Sports, Minor League Sports and I can accept them in football. Baseball however really has no place for them. If anyone over the age of 10 enjoys mascots at a baseball game and calls themselves a fan of the sport then we are not friends. Notice these two clowns below. (Bonus points if you can name the Red Sox mascot). Would they pump you up for a 2 out rally? My point exactly.

3.) Marriage Proposals: Really? I don't think this needs explaining. Although if you have not seen this video from the guys at CollegeHumor I HIGHLY suggest it!

4.) The YMCA: This should be buried along with the old stadium.

5.) Prize Patrols: You all know those Prize Patrol crews that have slingshots or airguns that propel $2 t shirts to the crowd in which an 8 year old kid catches an elbow in the face because a 35 year old balding man wants that shirt to wash his car in!! Thankfully the Yankees do not have this at the stadium. However, at the All Star game last year Aquafina made an appearance with a prize patrol and I was utterly disgusted.

Stay tuned for the next installment as I am getting quite sleepy and figure this is enough for tonight..