Elevator Etiquette

So I've been thinking about this ever since I moved into my latest apartment. It's a doorman elevator building with 2 elevators and 26 floors. I happen to live on the 23rd floor (With a great view in case you're wondering or want to visit.) so there is plenty of opportunity for me to share some elevator time with strangers.

What is the protocol in the elevators when a stranger enters the elevator? Do you say hello? Do you strike up a conversation? Do you wish them a good day/night? Or do you look at the floor and fumble with your phone/thumb through your mail?

I am guilty of all of these and quite frankly I think it's a nice thing to at least recognize the other person in the elevator with you. I try to at least say have a good day/night when they arrive on their floor/I depart to mine. Too many people go through life without thinking about the little things, who knows it may have made someones day to say something as easy as have a good day.

On the other hand when there are 2 people or more going to different floors all bets are off. If you're the first person off the elevator it's okay to give the remaining people in the elevator good wishes but it just seems weird the other way around.

What are your thoughts on elevator etiquette? This is something I'm definitely intrigued by, and I routinely am amazed by behavior that occurs in elevators.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this. I would never wish to be in this position and thankfully have never been stuck in an elevator, I'd definitely have a panic attack and try climb out the top.

Incredible Dancing Video

This kid is dynamite

Shana Tova Yelladim

As you may or may not know, I am Jewish. The last name is Beinstein so if you didn't associate my last name with the chosen people then you must not know many Jews. This weekend was our new year, also known as Rosh Hashanah and it's a good time to get together with family and friends and celebrate. We are now in the year 5770 for all of you keeping track.

I'm hoping this year was better than the last, I went unemployed for 80% of year so it seems as though there's only one way to go but up. I have been able to stay busy and keep my mind sharp but paying rent/living in NYC on peanuts is not advisable.

While in PK i got a couple of rounds of golf in. I played the Links once again, which must have been my 10th round of the season there. I shot a 41 on the front and then fell apart with a 51 on the back. The foursome I played with had to have been the most interesting/strange foursome I've ever been a part of. Mainly because of one character that we played with. Honestly he screamed an obscenity every 3rd word or so. Even if he hit a good shot he would yell at himself saying great shot asshole. Needless to say it was kind of tough to concentrate with this kind of character playing with you.

I then played on Sunday @ Baird with Sefcik and Holmes. This was by the longest round of golf I have ever played. I played well shooting an 83 but the round took 6 hours. We honestly waited on every single hole on every single shot. Some holes there were 3 groups waiting on the tee, there is nothing I hate more than a slow round of golf so it was bittersweet that I played so well. Also, most of you have never played Baird and you are better off. The layout is great but the condition of the course has never been up to par since I've known it. It really is a shame, it's a State course and a Robert Trent Jones Sr. design. In fact it's so bad that our score card was a computer paper print out. Hopefully the state turns it around, it could be a great course if only they had some money and a competent greenskeeper.

That's enough for my golfing trial and tribulations. Next week is Yom Kippur, the day of atonement and by all standards the most important Jewish holiday. I'll be heading back to Poughkeepsie to observe the holiday. Here's to a happy and a healthy new year to everyone and keep reading!

Me Encanta Comida de Mexico

In honor of NYC's Mexican Restaurant Week I'd like to cover my love of Mexican food and where it all started.

I am lucky enough to have one of the best Mexican restaurants right in the heart of Poughkeepsie. This little joint is better known as Mole Mole. Mole Mole is the end all be all of my crew's livelihood. It is the defacto place to spend an hour or two and just shoot the shit and have some good laughs and reminisce. I even had Mole Mole cater my birthday/grad party. So needless to say the amount of love I have for this restaurant is unparalleled. I love walking in and being welcomed by a familiar face and stuffing my face with some kind of dish containing Al Pastor.

I've had a soft spot for Mexican food for most of my life but the moment in my life when I knew I loved Mexican food was in Acapulco. Spring break my junior year. More importantly at Tacos and Beer. There was at least one meal a night at Tacos and Beer during my time in Acapulco and I yearn for another visit. Add to mix, street cart Tortas, which is basically a Mexican sandwich and this was heaven.

This was my first exposure to Al Pastor and since then it's been a match made in heaven. More importantly I love the Southern Mexican, Oaxacan style of Mexican cooking, not to be mistaken with Northern Puebla style. Who wouldn't love this giant spigot of roasted pineapple marinated pork topped with cilantro, lime, onion and you're favorite hot sauce.

Since I've lived in Manhattan I've been on a search for the perfect al pastor taco. Quite frankly I might have found my holy grail. Mercadito, in alphabet city put together a stellar Taco Al Pastor. Soberman, Keith and myself made a pilgrimage yesterday after the 1pm football games to partake in their ALL YOU CAN EAT TACO deal that is all day Sunday and all day Monday. Each and every taco I had was delectable and savory and I would be happy eating a plate of any one of their tacos that have meat (excuse my distaste for vegetarian tacos). For all you of curious as to their offering I suggest you check out their menu and I'll be happy to give you my review of each taco.

I know you're all curious about the results of the eating competition, because that's what bro's do. Keith scarfed down a whopping 23 to earn the crown of Taco King, myself 22, and Dave with a sobering 21. In case you don't know Dave, he's my roommate and his last name is Soberman, so I had to include a pun there.

Needless to say right now I am still full, 24 hours later and no major bowel movement to speak of. Sorry for full disclosure here but when eating this much food I'm sure someone who is reading this is wondering that. This is something I only suggest for iron stomachs or iron wills, the weak shall not apply. Well I hope I gave you a glimpse of my love for this culinary delight, please do share your love for Mexican as well, or whatever type of food it is that does it for you! Go out and enjoy the Mexican Restaurant Week.

I am trying to cut down the rambling in my posts so I will leave it at this, although I'm sure I could delve deep into why it Mexican food makes me tick. Adios

How Green Are You?

After taking a trip today to Whole Foods I thought I'd take a small survey of my readers on how green you are. I by no means am the source for all things green but I like to think if everyone makes a concerted effort we can help to "save/prolong" the Earth.

Whole Foods has really done a great job and I love going to their stores, even if it means a higher price point. You really do get quality food and a large product offering that is so hard to come by here in NYC.

Since being Green has been such a buzz word over the past few years I feel like it's about time to jump on the bandwagon.

Below I will conduct a poll in which I will start the trend of copying and pasting the poll into the comments section and take the poll. (I suggest you follow suit!)

1. Do you recycle?
A. Yes, I seek out recycling areas wherever I am and consider myself to be conscious of separating paper/plastic/glass.
B. Yes I recycle at home but there is an occasion when I may throw away recyclables
C. I recycle on occasion, it is not something that I am cognizant of.
D. What is recycling?

2. If going you're going a mile in Manhattan and not in a rush (Not Snowing or Raining) would you rather:
A. Walk/Bike
B. Pedicab (Who really takes those anyways?)
C. Subway/Bus
D. Taxi/Personal Car

3. If going 2+ miles in the same conditions:
A. Walk/Bike
C. Subway/Bus
D. Taxi/Personal Car

4.) When buying groceries do you bring your own bag?
A. Of course, I even have canvas bags with stupid sayings on them.
B. Sometimes, whenever it's convenient for me.
C. I ask for paper bags
D. Give me those damn plastic bags already, and double bag em!

5.) What is your opinion on clean energy?
A. My house is solar cell equipped/ I drive an electric car.
B. I'd buy solar cells if they were more affordable and cost efficient/ I drive a Hybrid.
C. Lets move to Holland and live amongst the windmills and wooden shoes/I drive a car with at least 25 mpg
D. I love fossil fuels and give me the biggest gas guzzler you've got!

(If you have this then you're the coolest person i know)

6.) The U.S. should focus on this issue with the next 20 years in mind.
A. Clean/Renewable Energy
B. Foreign Policy
C. Education
D. Health care reform

7.) Drinking Water
A. I drink tap/filtered water out of a reusable container
B. I buy bottled water but I recycle the bottles I do buy
C. I buy bottled water and could care less if they end up in the garbage.

8.) Electricity
A. If the tv is on I will turn the lights off because the ambient light is enough.
B. Whenever I leave the room I turn off the lights/tv/fan/ac
C. There is an occasion when I may leave an appliance on but its far and few between.
D. I leave the air conditioning on at all times. Because I hate being at an uncomfortable temp.

That's about all I could think of right now.. I've been busy watching the first football game of the season and can't think of much more. I may amend this later. Stay tuned.