Me Encanta Comida de Mexico

In honor of NYC's Mexican Restaurant Week I'd like to cover my love of Mexican food and where it all started.

I am lucky enough to have one of the best Mexican restaurants right in the heart of Poughkeepsie. This little joint is better known as Mole Mole. Mole Mole is the end all be all of my crew's livelihood. It is the defacto place to spend an hour or two and just shoot the shit and have some good laughs and reminisce. I even had Mole Mole cater my birthday/grad party. So needless to say the amount of love I have for this restaurant is unparalleled. I love walking in and being welcomed by a familiar face and stuffing my face with some kind of dish containing Al Pastor.

I've had a soft spot for Mexican food for most of my life but the moment in my life when I knew I loved Mexican food was in Acapulco. Spring break my junior year. More importantly at Tacos and Beer. There was at least one meal a night at Tacos and Beer during my time in Acapulco and I yearn for another visit. Add to mix, street cart Tortas, which is basically a Mexican sandwich and this was heaven.

This was my first exposure to Al Pastor and since then it's been a match made in heaven. More importantly I love the Southern Mexican, Oaxacan style of Mexican cooking, not to be mistaken with Northern Puebla style. Who wouldn't love this giant spigot of roasted pineapple marinated pork topped with cilantro, lime, onion and you're favorite hot sauce.

Since I've lived in Manhattan I've been on a search for the perfect al pastor taco. Quite frankly I might have found my holy grail. Mercadito, in alphabet city put together a stellar Taco Al Pastor. Soberman, Keith and myself made a pilgrimage yesterday after the 1pm football games to partake in their ALL YOU CAN EAT TACO deal that is all day Sunday and all day Monday. Each and every taco I had was delectable and savory and I would be happy eating a plate of any one of their tacos that have meat (excuse my distaste for vegetarian tacos). For all you of curious as to their offering I suggest you check out their menu and I'll be happy to give you my review of each taco.

I know you're all curious about the results of the eating competition, because that's what bro's do. Keith scarfed down a whopping 23 to earn the crown of Taco King, myself 22, and Dave with a sobering 21. In case you don't know Dave, he's my roommate and his last name is Soberman, so I had to include a pun there.

Needless to say right now I am still full, 24 hours later and no major bowel movement to speak of. Sorry for full disclosure here but when eating this much food I'm sure someone who is reading this is wondering that. This is something I only suggest for iron stomachs or iron wills, the weak shall not apply. Well I hope I gave you a glimpse of my love for this culinary delight, please do share your love for Mexican as well, or whatever type of food it is that does it for you! Go out and enjoy the Mexican Restaurant Week.

I am trying to cut down the rambling in my posts so I will leave it at this, although I'm sure I could delve deep into why it Mexican food makes me tick. Adios