Baseball Superstitions via Yankeeist

I'll probably be doing this for most of my posts on Yankeeist until I become a full time regular writer on Yankeeist. Check out my latest post about some of the strange but true superstitions in baseball.

They're heereee

(via Gizmodo)

One of the most anticipated announcements in 2010 comes from Apple, who have announced the iPad today.

My initial reaction seems to think that this is a really cool and innovative product. (Basically a pimped out iPhone). Although I am not a big Apple user I would have no problem using any of their products. I currently only use the iPod but used a mac during my tenure at Takkle. I love the UI for Apple products yet can't seem to get over the hurdle of their price points. I plan to migrate to the iPhone whenever it goes to the Verizon network, and I'm currently in the market for a new computer but not sure if I want to migrate to Mac.

Check out what some of the top tech blogs had to say about the iPad, as I am basing a lot of my opinion off of what they have to say, especially since most of them get to see it in action first hand. (Gizmodo, Engadget, Mashable, Techcrunch)

In essence this is a beefed up netbook/iPhone. I don't see people walking all over the place with their iPad's but it certainly is a great way to stay connected and get stuff done when not working on your regular computer. It does however spell the end for all of the new book readers, in my opinion. Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Sony and whoever else is deciding to make these new readers have a bumpy road ahead of them. Overall, the reading experience looks much more like you're actually reading a book and all of the apps available at your finger tips along with an unlimited data plan via AT&T make it quite the hot item.

(via Gizmodo)

I'll personally wait for the second or third version to come out. I currently have a netbook and I'm not completely sold on it. It's great for light computing/ internet use when you're traveling, but I would not recommend it for heavy use. Here's another pat on the back to Apple for always pushing the envelope and making cooler and cooler products each year.

Why Do Men Cheat...

So I was going through my Google Reader articles and came across a cool site called Web Seer, via Lifehacker. So I decided to type a query of "Why do men" and "Why do women" similar to their example of "men want" and "women want". The results are pretty funny...The most common suggestion being why do women and men have they deviate from the most popular they get pretty funny. It's interesting to see that the top 3 searches for why do men, involve some kind of cheating.

This will surely occupy a good hour of my time as I look for some funny relationships so stay tuned for more to come...

New Year, New Me

As mentioned in previous posts I haven't given my blog the time and attention it needs to grow and flourish. I've been neglecting my readers. Content is king and if there isn't fresh content then why should you come back. So I'm hoping you take this as an apology and let's kick some ass in 2010!

Therefore this post will have a "bucket list" if you will of things to do in 2010. 2009 was a pretty shitty year by all accounts for me, except for the Yankees winning the World Series. I was unemployed for the vast part of 2009 and finding a job was my job for all intensive purposes. Living in Manhattan with no real source of income and an incredibly tough job market left me a little broken but all the more stronger in the end I believe.

So in no particular order here are some things I'd like to see happen for myself in 2010.

  • Continue to not drink Soda's (This was my first resolution I was actually able to keep in 25 years, probably 15 or so years of actual resolutions)
  • Use my passport to visit a country I have not been to yet.
  • Remove fried foods from my diet.
  • Read more books (May be tough since I think I read 6+ books this past year)
  • Be cognizant of my posture, walking taller is a good thing.
  • Write more posts (Both at Yankeeist and here)
  • Cook more frequently
  • Spend less time playing Xbox360
  • Learn something completely new
  • Take a surfing lesson
  • Take a couple of golf lessons to fine tune my swing
  • Keep the weight below 205 lbs
  • Join a rec softball team

I think that's about it for now, but as each new day comes along this list is sure to grow. Here's to a happy and healthy 2010!

New Yankeeist Post

I haven't made many posts lately. That should be a resolution, in fact it will be a resolution since I haven't had any resolution in 2010 yet! I've been busy trying to come up with ideas for a new blog that I write for about the Yankees. It's called Yankeeist and I'm happy to be part of the team with two extremely talented writers in Larry Koestler and Mike Jaggers -Radolf.

Check out my latest post as a retrospective on the Alex Rodriguez trade of 2004.

Yankees All Replacement Team of the Decade via Yankeeist

So this is a little dated but a couple weeks ago I penned an article for a Yankees blog that has been gaining some good traction.

When it comes to Yankees and Sabremetrics it comes naturally so it was a match made in heaven when Larry asked me to join.

Check out the article for Yankeeist on the all time worst Yankees of the past decade..

Check back more often as I'd like to write more in 2010 both on Cleats Up and Yankeeist.