A good weekend overall. Went up to Syracuse to see Sarah graduate. Probably the last time I'll hang out with college aged kids. Johnny A came out to meet us at the bar Friday night and copious amounts of beer and tequila were consumed. I love the fact that 2 shots of tequila and a Guinness was $12. I inhaled a Jimmy Johns sub at 2 am which is standard protocol for any late night hangover helper and then passed out on the floor of our room at the Comfort Inn Suites because a cot had not been delivered to the room. Needless to say this was not the most comfortable slumber I've had in a while.

Vice President Joe Biden was the commencement speaker, he spoke for ~30 minutes and delivered a nice speech. Gotta give respect for the University of Delaware! In all seriousness though he had an inspiring speech. The gist of the speech was this generation is at an inflection point in history and that we can help to influence the direction we are going.

With two wars being fought across the globe, an economic crisis throughout the world and a greater responsibility for the survival of our planet our generation has the potential to be truly great. Not many times do you get to grab the wheel and alter the path we careening towards.

The end of the speech sounded more like it was coming from a politician however. He spoke of affordable health care,a college education for all of those who qualify and finished the speech with God Bless our Troops and God Bless America. I understand that he's the VP and that these are important issues to alot of Americans. However I highly doubt that this applies to the majority of the population at Syracuse. Tuition is around $40,000 a year and my sister noted that over the weekend she was counting the number of Range Rovers she saw. It's pretty easy to see if you've ever been to Syracuse University that these issues are not what the students of SU are worried about.

Today I went out to Mcann Memorial Golf Course in beautiful Poughkeepsie to play 18 holes for a steal of a deal at $20. A great day, I shot an 81 which easily could've been a 79. I shanked a 7 iron on my second shot on the par 5 17th hole and wound up scrambling under some trees and through a bunker to pull a bogey out of my ass instead of what would most likely have been a birdie. I Played my round in 4 hours and it easily could've been 3 if I didn't have 2 foursomes in front of me. The course was relatively empty and it was a nice relaxing round. My ball striking was pretty solid off the tee all day. I still have to work on my game from within 175 yards but its getting better. On the back 9 I only missed one fairway and that was on 17 where i was about 3 yards into the rough so all in all it was a promising round. 

For all of those golfers out there I highly suggest checking out I use Oob to input all of my scores and it allows you keep track of numerous statistics to get a better insight into how you're playing. After today my handicap is a 9.9 which I am happy with.