Yanks Game 6 Recap (Wayy overdue)

To all of my loyal readers ( I count something around 3 based on the analytics). I think it's high time I give you my two cents on how the 2009 MLB season ended. The Yankees won their 27th World Series title, by far the most in MLB. The second most championships for a MLB team is the Cardinals with 10 and the A's with 9. Not to mention the Yankees also have the most championships for any team in sports history. The Montreal Canadians are 2nd with 24 Stanley Cups and the Celtics are 3rd with 17 NBA championships.

For those that don't know I was extremely lucky and attended the World Series clinching game 6. This was my second clinching World Series game I have been to but the first where I had free reign to do as I pleased and celebrate.

The plan all along was to head up to the Dugout and drink some beers and watch the game on TV with hopes of possibly scalping a ticket in the 3rd inning. Earlier in the day I read on Craigslist that the Yankees released 1,000 tickets. Not having much to do I mozied on up to the Bronx and waited on line for 30 minutes only to be turned away saying no tickets were available. Hey it was worth a shot, I still had my backup plan of catching the game with a ton of Yanks fans with hopes of celebrating on River Ave after the win.

My buddy Adam and his brother Matt came up to the dugout about 30 minutes before first pitch and we drank a few brews. Already 5 man can's of PBR deep I was lovin life. That fateful call came to Adam, it was his dad and he was already in the stadium but had come across 3 tickets. I was in the right place at the right time, and a thousand thanks go to Adam, Matt and their dad Jay. We ran around the stadium and waited on line at Gate 2, this seems to be where all the VIP people enter, as I saw Bill Murray usher in 10-15 people (Mostly young females). I couldn't hold back and shouted I love you Carl Spackler!! Unfortunately he did not look my way but it was still awesome to see him. I only wish I was one of those lucky people who have randomly ran into him at parties throughout NYC.

We got inside in time to catch the first pitch down on the lower level and headed up to our seats in the bottom of the first. Located in the last section in LF and the 2nd to last row I couldn't have cared less if I was sitting on top of the lights. To be in the stadium was all I wanted. From the first pitch to the final out I made as much noise as possible and gave every Philly fan the Bronx Cheer, better known as booing.

We got ahead of Pedro early and rode Pettitte as far as we could. The best part about winning this was beating Pedro twice. For all the jibber jabber he had for the NY media about how we mistreated him, he can add to list the drumming we gave him in game 6. Mariano came in to seal the deal and we took home World Series #27!

9 years is a long time for Yankees fans of my generation. I did grow up with the maligned Yankees team of the late 80's and early 90's with Donnie Baseball at the helm but the dynasty years of 96-00' surely made up for it. Here's to the beginning of a new dynasty and many more championships in the new house!

Jimmy Rollins is an asshat by first of all picking the Phils in 5, but also not giving credit to the Yankees after we took it to them and deflecting the attention to how poorly they played. Be a man and accept defeat. By the way, my prediction of Yanks in 6 held up. I don't think I could've survived a game 7.

After the Yanks won everyone poured out onto the streets and there was slight pandemonium underneath the L, all along River Ave. The police did their best to curb any rioting and dispersed the large crowd approximately 30 minutes after the ceremony. All in all it was an incredible playoffs and a great way to finish up the 2009 baseball season.

My Fantasy Baseball dominance, the Yankees best record in baseball and finishing that up with a World Series made this an unforgettable year.

See my previous post and you can see why I have been living in NYC for the past 3 years.

Yanks in 2010!


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