Monday I hit the Links at Unionvale and shot a respectable 86 from the back tees. Mind you, the greens were in horrible shape as they were being aerated. I really feel that if you play golf on a course that has aerated greens you should receive a 20% discount. You spend approximately 1/3-1/2 of your shots on the green so it makes sense you should receive a discount for the poor conditions that exist.

Tuesday I made it to Casperkill for another beautiful day on the course. I plodded around the front 9 with a 46 and played much better on the back for a 42. My score didn't show it on the back but I definitely played better. All in all these are good indicators to a successful season. I do need more consistency out of my iron play, I've been playing with a relatively new set of irons and have problems figuring out my distances.

If you haven't checked out this site yet, you should. It's called and for me it allows me to track my handicap and have a detailed guide of my rounds. (i.e how many fairways i hit, where did i miss, GIR, putts, and various other stats). Right now my handicap is a 10.4. Pretty respectable if I do say so myself.