Random Musings

So about 3 weeks in to my 2 money fantasy leagues I am sitting in first place.  86 and 82.5 points respectively in a 10 person 5x5 roto league. I'm pretty confident in both teams and think I can maintain my position on the top for the majority of the season.

My man Ian Kinsler as a 3rd round pick is a 5x5 monster. Currently batting .407 with 15 runs/5 HR/ 16 RBI/ 7 Steals.

An old friend from high school, Sebby, was down to visit this week and unfortunately we got rained out of a game. Sef, Swing, Seb and myself instead had some brews at the new apt. and went to Rodeo Bar close by. To say the band playing there was interesting is an understatement.  A 5-6 piece Van Halen Cover band  called Van Hayrdie, complete with accordion and trombone. They were surprisingly good actually. A good night for sure.

I made it to the stadium the next night to catch Giambi's first game in the new stadium, not in pinstripes. He received a pretty good ovation and the bleacher creatures even roll called him which was great. I can't remember any other player getting that kind of respect after going to a new club. Gardner made an incredible catch to rob Giambi of a sure double in his first at bat. I'd much rather sit in the bleachers than in most areas of the stadium, they are real fans and the view is outstanding for the price. On a side note Nick Swisher is the man, he hams it up with the RF bleachers and routinely throws balls out to the fans. He's been a great addition to the team and a big thata boy to Cash for fleecing the Sox for him.

Looks like we got a great weekend ahead of us, hints of summer are on its way with Saturday expected to be 81. Here's hoping for a nice NYC weekend.

-Beinstein Out