Fantasy Baseball Dominance

Now that the baseball's regular season has come to a close I can recap my Fantasy Baseball Season...

BobLobLaw's Law Blog (83 pts) and I Gambled and Lost (82 pts) both brought home the bacon, and by bacon I mean championships. My margin of victory over the 2nd place team in both leagues was 13 points, I maintained a position in 1st or 2nd for over 90% of the season. I'd say and it really was no contest. For my efforts I won a nice sum of $550 dollars, with a total investment of $100. Both leagues are 5x5 roto leagues and 10 team mixed leagues. By far my strongest asset was pitching. I dominated all pitching categories and it ultimately led to my win this year.

Last year in the same leagues I finished tied for first and 2nd place. Some may attribute my surge in dominance this year to the lack of unemployment. I will agree I've had more time to dole over potential waiver wire pickup's and craft potential trades. For the most part however I spent the same amount of time on Fantasy as I did last year.

This was also my first year attempting to play h2h and I performed honorably, The Golden Jew (aka Sam Rothstein from Casino) fell in the finals on the last day by a score of 6-4. It would've been a tie if I had started Joe Saunders like I thought I had, so all in all a tremendously successful season.

I'm not a big fan of h2h in baseball format as the beauty of Fantasy Baseball is the ability to project stats over the course of a season with a high degree of accuracy and by making it a weekly crap shoot it diminishes the skill level associated with the format.

H2H makes sense in fantasy football as it's hard enough to project stats for any one player in a 16 game season with so many prevalent injuries. Fantasy football is perfect for the novice fantasy players as it allows someone to check in once a week and still field a competitive team as long as they have a kernel of football knowledge.

I'm looking for big money leagues for next year if anyone is interested (~ $250-$500 a team). For the year of 2009 I followed the Yankees to the best record in the league. Hopefully I can ride this momentum into gainful employment. ( I know they are unrelated, but hey one can hope)

Here's to a successful post season to my beloved Yankees and a trip down the Canyon of Heroes.