Jets Fins MNF recap

A lot of hype went into this Monday Night Matchup and of course the ESPN machine leading the hype. Can rookie QB Mark Sanchez lead the Jets past Miami? That's all I heard on the commercials for MNF.  Nothing was said about Chad Henne and his 2nd start of his career. He did come out of Michigan as a 4 year starter but I guess that's no big deal. Lets hype up a 2 year starter at USC.

So when it came down to the battle of the QB's it looks like my man the other Chad is someone worth hyping. He had an incredible 4th quarter and ultimately led a 5 minute game winning drive with 3 unbelievable 3rd down conversions. The first was a bullet pass to Anthony Fasano while being draped by a defender. This set up the next play which was play action pass where Ted Ginn burnt Pro Bowler Darelle Revis, and beat triple coverage for a well placed pass and a TD.  

The second was probably the most impressive, with an all out blitz coming at him on 3rd and 10, he had the wherewithal to float a pass over Greg Camarillos shoulder while being blanketed by coverage. The Jets had been successful all game in these 3rd and long situations with sending the kitchen sink so it was even more impressive that Henne made that pass. The final conversion was a designed roll out and he threw and absolute strike where only Camarillo could catch it again. This set the Fins up in a goal line situation and we had the opportunity to tie it or win it.

In that final quarter, Henne completed 9 of 11 passes for 121 yards and 2 touchdowns against one of the top 5 defenses in the NFL.  His fourth quarter QB rating of 152.1 is very impressive and definitely a building block for this kid's future as an NFL QB. 

Miami's running game was also on point,  We ran for 151 yards with 2 TD's. The two back system of Ronnie and Rickey works great as both backs looked fresh in the 4th quarter with the game on the line. They combined for 32 carries and that's how you win ball games. Run the ball effectively and use the pass when the defense is on their heels.

This game showed that the Wildcat is not a gimmick, we've been running this offense for a year now. We are averaging something along the lines of 6 yds per play while running the wildcat. We tore the Jets defense up and Dan Henning gave Rex Ryan a good ole punch in the nuts by calling the game winning TD with a Wildcat play. A lot of the Jets defensive players are not giving the Dolphins the credit due for the victory. We'll see what happens Nov. 1.

Finally, the Dolphins really would have clubbed the Jets if it weren't for two bad pass interference calls and two Gimmick Fake Punts. You could tell the Jets had their backs against the wall when they called two fake punts. 

The first bad call was a throw where there was definitely contact but the ball was thrown so high that there was no way the WR could have caught the ball. The second was an absolute disgrace, with 1 on 1 coverage in the 4th Q, Will Allen was beat by Braylon Edwards and got an inside position on the football. There was the usual contact that happens on every pass. Edwards just let the ball go through his hands and the referee could only infer that since he dropped the ball it was pass interference. Honestly it was a horrible call and potentially a game changing play. We were fortunate that skill prevailed and brought home a big victory and are now 1 game out of the AFC East.

Finally, the Dolphins are 3-0 in the orange jerseys. Let's save the next time for the Super Bowl!

Photos courtesy of (Robert Duyos, Sun Sentinel / October 12, 2009)