This upcoming November will be called Movember for all intensive purposes. For all of those not familiar with Movember it is a month dedicated to Men's health. More specifically prostate health. Men should grow out their mustaches for the entire month and be proud of their facial hair!

I participated in Movember last year as a team leader and raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $500. Also as a team leader I was sent 2 electric shavers, mustache stickers, rubber wrist bands and some other schwag.

I thought I would include my  "Greatest Hits Album" below.


(My Personal Favorite)

(Not grown during Movember but it was still pretty awesome)

So hopefully we have more converts this year and here's to a successful Movember in 09'. There is a Gala to cap off the end of the month and it's really for a good cause! I'm certainly at a crossroads here, I should stay clean shaven for interviews but this is for a good cause... Maybe my post yesterday about doing everything the opposite  from what I'm used to should apply here.